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Whitney Gilliard’s unwavering commitment shines through Gilliard & Co., a beacon of support for young adults on the precipice of independence. Gilliard & Co. is home to the transformative Independent Living Program (ILP), a haven offering transitional housing for individuals aged 18 transitioning out of foster care. Nestled in Savannah, the ILP nurtures up to 16 young adults, guiding them through self-improvement, underscored by commitments to employment and education.

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Gilliard and Company

Gilliard and Company

Gilliard and Company is a 501(c)(3) charity that provides through advocacy, charitable works and contributions, as well as implementation of services and programs to soothe trauma, and end homelessness for current foster children/ young adults.

Whitney Gilliard

Spreading Joy and Positivity

Whitney’s narrative of resilience, having navigated the tumultuous waters of aging out of foster care herself at 21, serves as the bedrock for ILP. Her experiences sculpted a vision where compassion prevails over neglect, ensuring no young adult feels abandoned at this critical juncture.

Working intimately within the system, Whitney has gleaned insights into its complexities, striving tirelessly to streamline the path for those it serves. Her leadership extends beyond executive duties; she is a hands-on case manager at Gilliard & Co., championing a collaborative ethos. Whitney values the diverse tapestry of her team and board, celebrating the strength and representation they bring to the organization, and by extension, to the young adults they serve.

About US

Our Story

Whitney’s journey from youth in foster care to the CEO of a nonprofit epitomizes an extraordinary transformation, challenging societal expectations and redefining success. Her sage advice reflects a life of learned wisdom: approaching life with balance, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence.

Gilliard & Co.

Beyond ILP, Gilliard & Co. spearheads initiatives like the Permanency Mentor Program, offering lifelong mentorship in life skills; the HavINN Trauma Intervention Room, providing a comforting space for children awaiting placement; and the With Love Project, capturing the spirit of community during the holiday season for children under the care of DFACS. Each program under Gilliard & Co.’s umbrella is a testament to Whitney’s vision of a supportive community for every child and young adult stepping into the future.

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