Join The Permanency Mentor Program

Empower With Heart

Thank you for considering the role of a Permanency Mentor with Gilliard & Co.’s Independent Living Program. Your willingness to offer your heart, time, and resources can significantly impact the lives of the young adults we cherish. We believe in fostering relationships built on authenticity, community, and love, ensuring our young adults receive the highest quality of support.

Principles & Goals

Foundation of Permanency Mentor Program

Our program aims to forge lasting bonds between caring adults and young adults aging out of foster care, enhancing their well-being and sense of belonging. We strive to:

Cultivate enduring relationships with caring adults to boost positive life outcomes.

Secure a trusted adult connection for young adults transitioning from foster care.

Design a support system tailored to the unique dynamics of each mentor-mentee relationship.

Establish lifelong, kin-like relationships that offer unwavering support and guidance.

Steps to Get Involved

Becoming a Permanency Mentor


Submit a Volunteer Form via the Gilliard & Co. website.

Complete a background check within 14 days of form submission (at your own expense) and forward the results to our team.
Participate in Trauma-Informed Care Training, achieving a score of at least 70% within 30 days of form submission.
Engage with the insightful perspectives in the “A Child of the State” Ted Talk.
Attend the Mentor Program Onboarding Training to prepare for your role.

Get paired with a mentee who is ready to make a difference.

Permanency Mentor

The Role and Commitments

As a mentor, you pledge to be a permanent, positive force in the lives of our young adults, offering

Mentorship and Support Services
Support for personal and professional endeavors.
Mentorship and Support Services
Guidance on life skills and wisdom.
Mentorship and Support Services
Participation in special occasions like holidays and birthdays.
Mentorship and Support Services
Assistance with transportation and outings.
Mentorship and Support Services
Collaboration with our team to track and encourage the progress and success of your mentee.

Mentor-Mentee Matching Process

Mentors are thoughtfully paired with mentees by our program’s Director, alongside the HSP and Permanency Mentor Program Coordinator, based on a comprehensive assessment of the young adult’s long-term development needs. This ensures a meaningful and supportive relationship tailored to the unique requirements of each young adult in our care.

Your role as a Permanency Mentor is invaluable. You can offer stability, love, and guidance through your dedication, shaping the futures of those we serve. Together, we can create a network of unwavering support and opportunity for young adults transitioning from foster care into the next chapter of their lives.