Legacy Builders

Funding The Future

We appreciate our local supporters for Gilliard and Company in our continued endevearos to help those who are aging out of the foster system. To show our appreciation to our monthly donors, we dispaly your business in various outlets.

Increased Visibility Through Visibility


Recurring Donations

Sustained Support for Youth Transitioning Out of Foster Care

Recurring donations provide Gilliard and Company with reliable funding, crucial for maintaining and expanding their housing and mentorship programs. This ongoing support ensures that essential services remain available to assist young adults in their vital transition to independence.

Enhancing Program Impact

Consistent funding allows for the development of comprehensive support services, including trauma intervention and educational opportunities. These programs are vital for addressing the unique challenges these young adults face, helping them heal, grow, and succeed in their new phase of life.

Building a Community of Long-Term Engagement

Monthly donors become integral Gilliard and Company community members, fostering a deeper connection and commitment to the cause. This long-term engagement not only boosts donor retention but also enhances the organization’s collective impact on the lives of the young adults it serves.


Joining Legacy Builders


Enhanced Visibility

Each sponsor receives a dedicated webpage on the Gilliard and Company site, increasing their company’s exposure.


Newsletter Recognition

Sponsors are mentioned in newsletters distributed to the nonprofit’s network, further promoting their involvement.

Featured in Annual Reports

Their contributions are highlighted in annual reports, acknowledging their support in a widely read document.

Discounted Networking Fees

Sponsors enjoy discounted fees for networking events, facilitating connections with like-minded professionals and other supporters.

Regular Updates

Regular updates on how their contributions are making a difference, keeping them informed and engaged with the ongoing impact of their support.

Exclusive Invitations

Receive invitations to special events and programs, offering unique opportunities to see the direct impact of their contributions and interact with the community served.

Legacy Builders

How To Join

Donate Today

Optin for Legacy Builders

You will go to the donation page. Optin for the legacy builders monthly recurring donations. Once you have completed the your donation. You will be sent a form to your email.

Complete Form

Onboarding Information

The intake form will have questions regarding your compnany information. You will be guided through the form on how to complete and what is needed. You can also downoad the PDF guide. 

Submit a Testimonial

Testimonials are Appreciated

We encourage all new Legacy Builders to submit a testimonial to Gilliard and Company. Testimonials are a great way to showcase your continued support to the foster system.