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Welcome to the Independent Living Program at Gilliard & Co., where we empower young adults transitioning out of foster care to navigate the journey toward self-sufficiency and success. Our program is designed to bridge the gap between foster care and independent living, providing the tools, resources, and support necessary for a smooth and confident transition.

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Our Mission

Program Overview

Our Mission: The ILP aims to equip young adults aged 18-21 with the life skills, knowledge, and support networks needed to thrive as independent community members. We focus on personal development, financial literacy, education, employment, and emotional well-being, ensuring a comprehensive approach to independence.

Success Stories

Hear from program participants who have successfully transitioned to independent living, showcasing the real-life impact of the ILP. These stories highlight the resilience, growth, and achievements of our young adults, thanks to the comprehensive support provided by the program.

How to Join

Are you interested in joining the Independent Living Program? Find out about the eligibility criteria, application process, and what to expect once you enter the ILP. Our team is here to guide you through every step, ensuring you have the information and support needed to succeed.

Support the ILP

Learn how you can contribute to the success of the Independent Living Program. Whether through donations, volunteering, or offering internships and employment opportunities to our participants, your support makes a significant difference in the lives of young adults working towards independence.


Who Can Join the Program?

Eligibility for our Independent Program will determined through a thoughtful review of each applicant’s situation, with the possibility of exceptions considered on a case-by-case basis. Ideal candidates are:


Young adults aged 18-20, regardless of gender and ethnicity.


Individuals with no felony convictions or history of illegal substance abuse.


Those not requiring medication, though exceptions will made.


Young adults are capable of making sound decisions.


Participants must either maintain at least part-time employment (30 hours/week) or be enrolled full-time in school (12+ credit hours) with a willingness to work 20 hours/week.


Applicants should understand the financial and Significant responsibilities of living independently and show motivation toward self-awareness.

Young Adults

Comprehensive Support Services

Apartment Locations

Our apartments are conveniently located at Godley Station in Pooler, GA, fostering a community atmosphere and easy access to resources.

Apartment Features and Amenities

We provide spacious two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments exceeding 1100 square feet. Each apartment Comes furnished with essential furniture in bedrooms and living areas, kitchen appliances, and a washer and dryer for convenience.

Support for Parenting Young Adults

Our program needs to be equipped to meet the unique needs of parenting young adults or expectant individuals due to limitations in infrastructure and staffing.

Financial and Transportation Assistance

While we expect participants to maintain employment or education, we support our young adults with a monthly allowance and transportation assistance to ease their transition into independent living.

Duration of Stay in the Program

A young adult’s remaining time in our program depends on individual performance, needs, and adherence to program expectations. Continuation in the program is based on meeting minimum criteria and standards and demonstrating progress toward personal and programmatic goals. Each participant’s journey is evaluated individually to ensure they receive the tailored support needed for success.